Become a cooperative enterprise

Turn your company or workplace into a TEAM4Ghana cooperative entity. There are multiple ways to help us growing and becoming bigger; and that does not always imply an economic donation. The transfer of spaces, publicity, collaboration in events, and donation of material or resources are simple ways to become an entity with the TEAM4Ghana mark. No matter the sector your company operates in, we are sure we will find a formula to understand each other.

Becoming a TEAM4Ghana cooperative entity means getting publicity and positive impact for your company, but mainly helping. Helping to change the world we live in with small gestures that create the necessary synergy to achieve great things.

If you are interested in collaborating, you have an idea to propose or just believe that your company could help us in some way, write us and we will contact you back.

Become a sponsor

If your company carries out social works, has a social foundation or wants to contribute to an economic amount, we would like to meet you and see if we can collaborate together or make subsidy agreements. A punctual, periodic or long-term grant can help us tomake our dreams come true.

In addition to a direct positive impact in the way your brand is advertised,becoming a sponsor of TEAM4Ghana means meeting the social responsibility employees expect from your company.

However, your support will mean a world for us, you will make the difference between finishing our projects or not.

If you are interested in sponsoring us or just believe that your company could fit our values, write us and we will get back to you.