Become a volunteer

Volunteering does not mean going to Africa for a whole year. We need a LOT of help in MANY fields and if your concerns are aligned with our ideas, we would like to listen to you!

Volunteering in Spain

We need volunteers to help us in the organization itself, development of projects, execution of ideas, talks and events, expansion of contact network … Contact us and explain us what you think so you could help us to grow and improve or tell us about what project you could take part in.

Consult also our organizational chart to know where you would feel most comfortable and contact us without any commitment.

No matter the city or the time you can spend, at least you’ll be doing your bit.

Volunteering in Africa

We, as TEAM4Ghana, do not offer voluntary work at Ghana due to our field logistics and size but we do encourage every person interested in doing so to contact our friends from Dream Africa Care Foundation (DACF), a local NGO with which we maintain an excellent relation since our very first steps and with which we have travelled several times.

They are currently developing projects on education, sports, medicine… in Accra and in many other rural areas from the country. We can assure you that the requested price is in accordance to just cover the provision expenses and to the projects in which you have decided to collaborate.

You can contact them through their email address and ask for further information. You will NOT regret it!!

Become a partner

Becoming a Team4Ghana partner could help us to change many lives. With your contribution we couldperform our projects and you will be informedall the time about how much and how your money is invested.  We want to be transparent and count on you.