Drinking water Borehole in Luisa

Title: Drinking water Borehole

Place: Luisa Community – Builsa Region (Ghana)

Project date: October 2017

Budget: 14.898 GHS (2.750 €)

Beneficiaries: 850 citizens


It had only been a few months since the creation of our organization in that same year; however after the success of the web launch and social media, a summer full of activities and the great welcoming of our closest we managed to collect enough money to develop our first project (nowadays, yours too): a borehole of drinkable water in a small community in the north of Ghana called Luisa where we also have planned to build up a Primary Education School in 2018. Its inhabitants still coexist without light nor water in their adobe houses in the north of the country.

Threemembers of our organization (Henar, Pepe and Roberto) paid for their plane tickets and invested their work holiday to witness and ensure that the works continued their normal course because as a 75m hole had to be dug, a formal contract was signed with the firm ATUNYA GHANA Ltd which provided the materials and means to makeitdoable.

The project will imply with no doubt a significant improvement in the life quality of the members of the community, not only because of the long distances that had to be met in order to reach the closest well above all kids and women to collect water) but it will also avoid a great number of diseases and infections, it will ease the hygiene and it will provide with water to the scarce cattle that lives in the savanna.

Collaborating local NGOs:

  • WTAGC (“Wype the Tears of and African Girl Child”)
  • “School for Life Ghana”
  • “Hope for Builsa”

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Elementary School of Luisa

Title: Elementary School of Luisa- stage 1-P1-P3

Location: Luisa Community- Builsa-Ghana Region

Project dates: October 2018-April 2019

Budget: 27.762,70€

Recipients: over a hundred pupils per school year (starting October 2019)


It is the most ambitious project of our NGO after the construction of the potable/drinking water well. It has been one of our main goals since the establishment of our organization. This school meets the local demands of Luisa that where listened by our fellows while they were visiting the region. There where sizeable absenteeism rates due to the long distances to nearby schools.

In order to put into practice, the design, our teammates studied the typology and architectural characteristics of public School in Ghana and afterwards added a series of modifications in the sketch and finishing details that resulted on a unique and very functional project. The School itself has 3 spacious classrooms, where the first elementary school years would be teach, one teachers’ room, the principal’s office and a covered playground serving as a gathering space not only for the alumni but for the community as a whole.

Short documentary Nothing is Easy by Henar Rodríguez

For its execution, there was an economic agreement with the local building company Stephalam Enterprise, a company that engaged on the recruitment and hiring of people from the community as low-skilled workforce so that the construction could be doubly stimulating for the inhabitants of Luisa and surrounding area

During the construction, three volunteers fled to Ghana to lead and supervise the process as well as the materials purchased over the different phases of the project. We would like to point out the fact that our team paid for their flights and stay-in in Luisa, showing again their great commitment to the school.

Construction started in the mid of October 2018 but it wasn’t until April 2019 that TEAM4Ghana transferred the finished building to the Education Ministry of Ghana in an attempt to make that institution be in charge of running the school, its personnel -skilled teachers and others- furniture, amenities and school supplies.

Being this, for many of them, the very first time that they would attend a school, approximately a hundred of pupils would be allocated per term in an attempt to solve the 70% absenteeism rates that the region registers.

For this 2020 we are committed to the construction of the second stage which will consist on the finishing of the scholar enclosure to give space to the pupils from fourth to sixth school years. In addition, it will have a library and computer room as it is required in all public education centre across Ghana.

Link to the crowdfunding where part of the financing comes from:


Local associated entities:

  • Stephalam Enterprise
  • Hope for Builsa
  • WTAGC – Wipe the tears of an African Girl Child

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Purchase motorbike and bicycles

Title: Purchase of a motorbike and some bicycles

Place:Kanjaga Community – Builsa Region (Ghana)

Project date: October 2017

Budget: 4.620 GHS (850 €)

Beneficiaries: Some teachers and students of the region


The trip we made in October 2017 not only served for the construction of the well but also to realize the purchase of a motorcycle and three bicycles for several of the resident teachers in Kanjaga, thus facilitating their availability and accessibility to the schools which, in most of the cases, are too far from the most disadvantaged neighboring communities.

This purchase met a proposal made by the local NGO “Hope for Builsa” as a TEAM4Ghana collaborator in the region (see attached)

Collaborating local NGOs:

  • “Hope for Builsa”

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Donation to DACF

Title: Donation to the shelter of Dream Africa Care Foundation (DACF)

Place: Accra-Ghana

Project date: 2017-2018

Budget 2017: 9.050 GHS (1650 €)

Budget 2018: 11.730 GHS (2100 €)

Budget 2019: 9.050 GHS (1650 €)

Beneficiaries: 25 DAFC Children


The main source of income of this organization are the volunteers and donations and its main activity is located in the capital, where they manage, among other projects, a shelter for twenty-four children. Three caregivers watch over them day and night twenty-four hours per day, and prepare three meals a day, helping them with homework and protect them in their daily tasks such as cleaning their clothes or common spaces.

During the last years and due to the fear of the diseases that may arise, such as Ebola, and the conflicts of the neighboring countries, the number of volunteers has been reduced so does the income of the organization. That’s the reason why, in order to cover the minimum operating expenses, they are forced to seek aid and initiatives from other organizations and private donations.

From TEAM4Ghana we would like to help with some economic amount to bear some expenses. In 2017, €1650 were allocated to the following activities:

  • Buying new uniforms to attend to the school (its use is compulsory)
  • The lease of the physical space to teach after-school supportive lessons in the “Fishing Village” neighborhood for a year (Nov 2017 – Nov 2018)
  • The transport of two local volunteers who teach after-school for a year (Nov 2017-Nov 2018)
  • A big volume purchase of basic necessity products for the shelter (food, cleaning and hygiene)

During the next two years 2018 and 2019 were € 2100 and € 1650 respectively the amounts donated for similar purposes.

On the other hand, we will get involved in the active search for volunteers during the times of the year less crowded (October-May) so that they can help in the management and schooling of the children.

Collaborating local NGOs

  • Dream Africa Care Foundation
  • Passion for mother and child ministry

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Laptops donation

Title: Donation of six formatted computer (New Office pack installed)

Location: Damongo (New Life Preparatory School)

Project dates: January 2019

Budget: valued in 1.620€

Recipients: over a hundred pupils per school year


Back in 2018 one of our local associated entities, which has preferred to remain anonymous, handed over six computers that were in perfect working order and that could be used for many years with educational goals.

TEAM4Ghana, while in the field in 2019 transferred that material to the New Life Preparatory School in Damongo to establish a small computer room were the pupils could improve their computer abilities. It was also a way to help with the theorical approach to the New Technologies compulsory subject. Teachers show them how to use basic applications such as Excel, Word or Power Point, apps that would be of great help in their future life experience.

Local associated entities:

  • New Life Preparatory School

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Empowerment of women

Title: Support to the workshop for the empowerment of women through learning new professions (textile sector) of PMCM (PassionforMother and Child Ministry)

Project date: 2017, 2018, 2019 y 2020

Beneficiaries: 15 women of the sewing workshop


TEAM4Ghana, DACF and some other organizations collaborate with the NGO “Passion for Mother and Child Ministry”. There, women at risk of social exclusion get training during two years on different professions or technical skills (hairdressing, cooking, sewing…)Over time, these women will earn the trade and could be hired in other stores with a sufficient salary base to enable their own empowerment. They are usually young women, between 16 and 20 years old, who have had children at an early age and/or stop working for no reason.

In support to this organization, our mission will be trying to sell their products. The full benefit, after taxes, will have the effect of increasing the number of women being part of this activity and promoting their hiring.

Handbags, wallets and backpacks woven with a fabric made in Ghana, very colorful, as well as handmade leather sandals are the manufactured products, among others

Letter exchange

Tittle: Letter exchange between Elementary School pupils

Location: Kanjarga

Project dates: Last term of 2018- First term of 2019

Budget: —

Recipients up to today: over 230 pupils from Ghana and similar number in Spain


By the end of 2018 the Education area from TEAM4Ghana brought up the idea of getting involved in the exchange of personal letters between students from the fourth to the sixth school year in the Public Elementary Kanjarga School (Builsa)and same ages from three Spanish schools (two of them located in Madrid and one in Toledo). The test couldn’t have turned out better, more than 200 children from both countries exchanged words on food, traditional games, family, friends and of course loads of drawings in what we expect to be a really durable relation between pen pals.

Kids, lively, restless and curious didn’t hesitate in asking about how is it to live in their brand-new pen pals! Our NGO, in an attempt to solve doubts and broaden the information the pupils had, has visited schools in both countries with presentations and talks about culture, traditions and similarities and differences present between Ghana and Spain.

Local associated entities:

  • Hope for Builsa
PPACID Scholarship - Practicum II - UBU

Title: Partner Program with the University of Burgos

Location: Damongo (New Life Preparatory School)

Project dates: September- December 2018, 2019 (currently planning 2020)

Budget: —

Recipients up to today: over 50 pupils each year


The Cooperation and Solidary Action Centre from the University of Burgos (UBU) calls yearly PPACID scholarships that allow students from the UBU to carry out their Practicum II in different Burgos settled NGOs with field work abroad.

TEAM4Ghana, by means of the partner program with the university, wanted to join the initiative and ever since 2018 several students have travelled to Damongo for over three months to carry out specific workshops and remedial teaching or tutoring the pupils

The experience has been proved to be enriching for the university students that travel to Ghana as they are supervised by local teachers who work side by side with them and that contribute to a disruptive vision on the classroom, breaking mental barriers and opening the minds of these future professionals independently of the work area and academic training.

If you happen to be a student from the University of Burgos and want any further information on this opportunity, we strongly encourage you to contact the Cooperation Centre or directly contacting us on our mail so that you can receive all the info beforehand ( call for students is opened every April-May each school year).

Local associated entities:

  • New Life Preparatory School from Damongo
  • Cooperation and Solidary Action Centre (UBU)