In Spain, our organization will focus its efforts especially on raising awareness of the existing inequality and let them know that our organization exists by talks in schools, institutes, universities and any public or private space where a significant audience would attend and be a potential part of what we are building today.

The recruitment of partners as funding, organization of sporting and cultural events, the training of our volunteers will help to complement our activity in the country.  In addition to this, we will update the social networks we are present, blog and web with current news, search for collaboration agreements and grants too.

If you are an educational center or company and you are interested in this section, do not hesitate to contact us.

Once settled, and in a long run view, we will seek to sign collaboration agreements between different training cycle centers and universities in the Spain and the schools of Buipe, Damongo and Kanjarga in order to validate the compulsory practices the different years have.

We have several schools in communities in Northern Ghana in which the Government’s educational program is followed through and it is worth for our students to be part of it. These centers have offered us the availability of rooms in which a group of volunteers could be established. In return, these people, who must be teachers or students of teaching, will help in the educational work trying to encourage an exchange of opinions and workshops to improve the academic performance of students, mostly in Primary.

If you are an educational center and you are interested in this section, do not hesitate to contact us.