Be aware of our story

From TEAM4Ghana we believe that the education and awareness of the youth in our own country is another way to change the reality we live in. That’s the reason why we will give talks in educational centers sharing our story, projects and going deeper in the social reality of Ghana and the inequalities that exist between certain countries of Africa and others of the old continent.

Our talks are aimed to any age, from Primary to High School due to they are suited to the different ranges of ages.

If you are a teacher of any educational center, no matter where you are located, and you are interested in having a talk about this, write us and we will contact you to try to organize everything within our capabilities. From our view, the young people are the seeds of the future and we would love to be able to open their eyes to other realities.

Convenio de prácticas

If you are a University student or you are studying an Upper Cycle and you think that collaborating with us could lead to some recognition in your studies, do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to sign an agreement with your educational center to recognize your internship or credits.

We will study your proposal and evaluate how to adapt your volunteering with us to the requirements of the signed or potential agreement as well as to the development of your professional training not only here but also in Ghana.

In TEAM4Ghana we strongly believe in values ​​such as work, commitment and ethics and we are the first ones interested in helping you growing thus making us becoming bigger too.

If you believegoing through TEAM4Ghana could meet the requirements of recognition or signing an agreementwith your educational center, contact us and inform us about it, what you are studying and why you think we could get to sign recognition agreements with the center. We will be happy to read your concerns and will try to help you to grow as you would make our projects and ideas bigger.