Reaching an equitable society in wealth and values ​​betting on improving the living conditions of children in the most disadvantaged areas of Ghana.

To do so, we will carry out projects that promote education, equality and good habits in health and sport, through a close collaboration with organizations and local entities providing economic, material and personal resources.

Furthermore, educating through workshops, talks and other social, cultural and educational events for the Spanish population among the situation in the northern regions of Ghana, the poorest, to raise awareness and claim the values ​​of equality, cooperation and solidarity among our community, especially in schools and institutes.


We would like this organization to become a channel, a mean.

We believe that, if an NGO succeeds and meets its objectives, it should be born being aware of the purpose to which it should aspire is disappearing after completing successfully its task. Moreover, years later, it will end up being a mere spectator of its own projects and will contemplate the way the bit that one day began has become a sustainable and lasting reality.

In the long-term we would like to achieve a fairer, more equitable and more human society. A place where you stop thinking in here and there and where the real reality that defines us is the people themselves.


We understand as value “everything that makes us better by just believing in it”. The people who are part of this organization share many of these values. They identify us as members of it and it is the organization which encourage us to reach the mission and goals that we have set.

We believe in the equality of opportunities and solidarity as means to equilibrate the balance of the inequalities between the citizens of the North and the South. Any human being, regardless of his place of origin or purchasing power, should have the same rights and possibilities just for being a person. It is everyone’s job to try to make it happen.

We strongly believe in the commitment, through hard and meticulous work, trying to be professionals in each of the projects and activities that we intend to develop. We work to improve the future of the most exposed people and we consider it a vital task: what is born of passion and altruism implies interest and good practices.

We also believe in the independence, since TEAM4Ghana is not linked to any political, religious, social or economic movement. This fact will allow us to “collaborate with” and “work for” any group or person regardless of any factor that may be considered exclusive, provided that the benefit and development of the community is pursued by ensuring human rights.

Last but not least, we believe in transparency and honesty as fundamental pillars of all processes: facing society in general, whether or not partner, collaborator, donor, volunteer, beneficiary. We will disaggregate the organization’s expenses and income and these will be public and accessible to anyone who wants to consult them.