There are, according to data from the Ministry of Education of Ghana, about 70% of people who can not read or write in any of the communities in Builsa. The Luisa community is one of them. This figure being much higher than the national average, it is enough to have a visit on the ground to realize the reasons: enormous distances between homes and schools, insufficient material and teaching resources, schools destroyed by their seniority, children working in the field and household tasks, lack of electricity or running water, poor sanitation and sanitation that makes the population sick with assiduity … the list goes on and on … and that is why it is there that we want to focus our activity in collaboration with local NGOs.

Some 850 people live in Luisa and families are usually grouped in houses made of adobe and thatched roofs, which is a problem in the four months of rainy season and a relief the rest of the year, where the heat is overwhelming. Their survival is based on the few products they grow (by the varied weather conditions from one time to another) and conserve during the rest of the year.

Despite all these adversities, one of the reasons that made us choose Luisa was the great welcome we have always had, the closeness of people in general and children in particular, their smiles and the desire to progress even without the means to do so.

It came to us, almost by chance, the idea of ​​building a potable water well and a Primary school in this village and after living on two occasions with all the neighbors one season we can ensure that there is such a need. That is why we are committed to helping them with this initiative and we are very clear that the benefits that can bring them, especially the younger, can mean a significant change in their lives.